Epsilon 3S Inc. was established on January 24, 2019, by Sonia MUSTAPHA CALECHE In September 2001 was the beginning of the dream, where I started to work at Epsilon 3, engaged by its owner Mr. Reda Al-Shahbi.

Actual breakthrough Where did you meet three people, why did you stick to the field and meet effectively in it at the national level?

And two suppliers: STEINEL & BRILONER, their products, practical policies, and the crew. Earn a large shipment and impurity for the impotence, albeit with limited and small capabilities.

1- Adel Echahem : Sami’s technician was the first colleague and he was, and still is, the brother and friend. The faithful teacher with his student helped me a lot in my beginnings at the technical and technical level.

2- Soufiene Mekadem and Faouzi Daoued: Two engineers from the sweetest, most beautiful, most wonderful, and the most correct, are the words of those who have known in my life to me. All the luck that I got acquainted.

Artists made me a woman who loves the art of decoration and shine despite all the difficulties and to this day I deal with them and in communication and I knew a lot of engineers, most of them I have all appreciation and love, especially the beautiful Salwa Al-Zouaghi and remains Soufien and Faouzi (Soso and Fufu) the first school that I am proud of with my development alter their permission

3 – STEINEL & BRILONER: The two German suppliers that I strive for in re-dealing with them through my own company and who have believed in my efficiency and efficiency of their production

With all respect and appreciation to Mr. MANUEL VALZIRA, Mrs. KARIN DREKMAN and Mrs. DORIS who, through their smooth way of dealing with the other despite his poor linguistic abilities, was a strong motivation to increase confidence in me and hang on to the dream.

From 2001 to 2018 I worked in several companies and dealt with many and got acquainted with many, most of them had all the love and appreciation and the Little was bad for me, but I learned from the bad how to stick to the principles and complete my path without leaving them to me.

The field of electicity, buildings and decor is a nice and big field and the work is interesting The Tunisian market in this area is large and has several trends

I, in my company Epsilon 3, I chose the field of trust, advice, sincerity, and transparency of the transaction

in order to preserve the client and supplier.

Love what you do until you do what you love.

At first, I am not a decorator or a devotee engineer, but I loved my job and did what I liked.

I always promise honestly and aesthetic transaction.

May God be my guardian.

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